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Welcome to! Feel free to look around. is a community website that offers local citizens an improved and localized place to find information on the web. We offer students, local businesses and organizations a place to offer improved presence for their local prospects and clients. We provide access to many news feeds throughout the internet to help you find news from a variety of sources.

We are not an ISP (Internet Service Provider), therefore we do not offer dial-up services. We DO offer web hosting and design for everyone from a small business to corporations. We can offer web design, hosting, and maintenance. We can maintain your organization's website at a fraction of the time and cost it would take you to dedicate personnel and resources to designing and maintaining an effective web site.

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Local Web Links:

We will place your organization's link to our search engine if it meets our basic criteria. We will include educational, health, gardening, and self-improvement sites. Our goal is to provide useful local information and links for our Zephyrhills area residents and visitors.

We will not link to any adult-oriented sites, get-rich-quick, or any site that does not serve our local area. We do not wish to duplicate the millions of links that can be found on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Excite or Infoseek. We do not wish to include any mail-order direct buying. is designed to provide information, not to sell ads. After reviewing your submission, we will notify you if your link is placed on our local search engine. We reserve the right not to add any sites that we find unsuitable for this site or our visitors. Thank you for visiting